Italy is always a popular spot with travelers because of its scenery, history, and culture. However, 2011 is a special year for the European Nation as it will celebrate its official 150th birthday. Yes, the land has been there for many more years than that, but was previously made up of independent principalities and states.

There will be many special events held throughout the nation in honour of the special landmark. These will include a wide variety of festivals, concerts, and exhibitions. The city of Turin, which was the first official capital of Italy, will especially be in a celebratory mood as it honors the city’s and country’s rich history and culture.

If you’ve been to Italy before, this will be an ideal time to explore somewhere new in the country. Each region of Italy is well known for its own unique attractions and character. There are plenty of interesting and exciting things to see and do as there are a total of 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites spread out around the country along with some spectacular works of art along with some amazing architecture. This all combine well with the excellent scenery and food that Italy has to offer.

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