For the professional climbers as well the passionate hikers, knowing the best hiking destinations in the world are a must thing. Some of the destinations are not as challenging as they appear, but the common point that they share is the breathtaking view and the weather out there. Given below is a list of top hiking destinations in the world:

1. Fjords, Norway

fjords, norway

If you are really searching for heaven in Europe, Fjords, Norway is the one. Preikestolen cliff or Trolltunga are the steepest landscapes that the tourists enjoy while they choose to hike in Norway.

2. Fiordland,New Zealand

fiordland,new zealand

When we talk about the finest walks of the planet Earth, Fiordland in New Zealand tops the list. This is an ultimate hiking destination for the people who are crazy to admire the scenic beauty. The mystic landscapes along with the numinous green areas make this place a perfect trekking destination.

3. Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

blyde river canyon, south africa

If you are fond of exploring the exotic lush biodiversity, Blyde River Canyon in South Africa is a must visit. After hiking nearly 33kms from South Africa, you get to explore this beautiful river surrounded by huge bunch of trees and mountains.

4. Mount Hua, China

mount hua, china

Though the hiking paths and tracks of this particular destination are known to be very difficult, many of the nonprofessional hikers come here to explore the unforgettable mountain scenery.

5. Andes, South America

andes, south america

This destination has many difficult treks but because of its serene environment and wonderful nature, this is amongst the top 10 hiking destinations of the world. You can reach Machu Picchu through hiking and explore the wide stretches of mountains and plains, meeting at a particular frame.

6. El Caminitodel Rey, El Chorro, Spain

If you talk about the most dangerous yet exciting hiking destination in the world, El Chorro in Spain is the one. This is an extremely narrow trekking trail which is directly linked to the steep flowing rocks.

7. Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

If you are passionate enough to explore the most dangerous colorful coastlines, go for hiking in and around Kalalau Trails in Hawaii. The beautiful landscape of the place makes it a top hiking destination in the world.

8. Alps, Europe

alps, europe

This is indeed the favorite hiking destination of most of the professional hikers. This is a 100 mile hiking destination that spread its wings through Switzerland, Italy and France. It is also considered as the highest peak on the continent, besides Mont Blanc.

9. Mount Rainer, WA, USA

Situated in the doting landscapes of Seattle, this is a 4392 m high peak. Hiking here can be done only through professionals but there are evidences that some of the beginners have also explored it.

10. Himalayas, Nepal

himalayas, nepal

When we talk about the highest peaks in the world, it is the Himalayas in Nepal. It is one of the most challenging hiking destinations and is considered to be the most difficult place to climb. Due to some very attractive picturesque sites, this place is a dream hiking destination of many people across the world.


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