Located in South Korea, Seoul is apparently listed as the most expensive cities in the world. A city with more than hundreds of destinations to explore and admire, this place is not budget friendly but is an awesome choice to have unforgettable memories and fun.

From planning your air fare to booking your accommodation and searching the good food joints, everything should be done according to the budget. Below given are some tips that will help you to plan your Seoul trip in a pocket friendly manner:

tips for budget travel to seoul

Search for the Cheapest Flight

You should always look for multiple sites and web portals before booking your tickets. Instead of giving this work to the agent and bookers, you should yourself cross check and compare the flight prices and fix the cheapest flight to travel to your destination. Also, there are many fluctuations in the flight prices so carefully analyze the best deal for and book the same. The system of 3 months advance booking might also help you save your money in booking the flight tickets.

Find the Budgeted Accommodation

There would be many options listed on various websites, travel portals, magazines and itineraries for you to choose. Your travel in Seoul should be at some beautiful resort or a hotel, provided it should not burn a hole in your pocket. Search for the decent accommodation option that may also provide you with free breakfast and dinner services. You may also look for guesthouses and hostels if staying at a hotel is beyond your budget. Make sure that the place where you choose to stay should be in the center of Seoul because this would save your transportation cost.

Opt for Public Transportation

If you are willing to travel and explore the city of Seoul, there are many travelling modes such as taxi, buses, and subways. Travelling in Seoul through these public transports is relatively convenient, easier and within budget. Also, there is a facility of Seoul metro that would take you anywhere in the city.

Choose your Eating Joints Wisely

Food is one thing that can disturb your budget to a great extent. It is therefore very important that you look for cheap restaurants and local eating joints around the city of Seoul to have your daily meals. There is no doubt that South Korea has plenty of cheap eating points but you just need do some research and select the one that suits your taste.

Set a Defined Budget for Shopping

There are many malls, shopping centers, markets, and night hubs across the city of Seoul that would tempt you. Make sure that you set a defined limit to your shopping. List the things that you are greatly interested in buying and avoid purchasing unnecessary stuff. In short, be a bargain shopper!

List the Attractions you want to Visit

It is very important that you decide about where to roam around Seoul. Since there are many attractions and adventurous places to see, choose on where to go, when to travel and how much to spend there.


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