Are you confused to choose a place for your vacation? Do you want to explore the different side of the world? If you are feeling so, then plan your trip to South America. This place offers wide range of vacation spots, which give you a pleasing vacation.

The vacation spots in South America are very different and you have a world full of places to explore in S.A. You will never run out of places while exploring South America.

places of south america

You can travel around and see different places such as the forest, beaches, mountains etc. South America has several world wonders in the country’s heritage. You can explore the country through different means, air, water and land.

Traveling freaks from all over the world come to South America in all possible seasons. There is no particular limitation for the travelers to visit the country.

Extraordinary traveling destinations in South America:

South America is a quite big continent and you will be confused from where to start if you are a beginner, who is visiting for the first time.

But, there are some places in the county which are referred as South America’s heritage. If you visit South America, then don’t forget to visit these legacy places.

Patagonia: This is famous place of Chile; it offers the spectacular landscapes scenery, dazzling exposure of the islands, icebergs, mountains and glaciers. This place is also referred as the ending point of the world. This is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing places of the world.

The most famous attraction of the place is the whale watching; the season of whale watching is from May to December. These cetaceans are seen in the shore of Patagonia for mating and giving birth to babies.

The spectacular regions of this region are the Torres Del Paine- spectacular mountain range, Salto Chico- the famous water falls and the famous lakes- Pehoe, Sarmiento, Pingo, Nordenskjold and Dikson.

Salar de Uyuni: If you have not heard of the place, then you do not know one of the most beautiful places of the world. This is the largest salt flats of the world, located in Bolivia.

This is a dried hill with huge cactus all around the place; within this place there are several islands which form as a smooth uniform fish island. This place offers the tourists with different types of boarding facilities, such as you can stay in a salt hotel and can witness the geyser bathing.

Lost city of the Incas: This is commonly known as Manchu Picchu. If you want to experience the mystical and sacred place of South America, then you should visit Manchu Picchu. The ruins you see at the Manchu Picchu are the most beautiful and ancient ruins of the world.

The archeologists who have surveyed Manchu Picchu have decided that this construction was for the priestesses and the nobility of the Incans dynasty. This is referred as the pearl of Peru Mountain.

Lake Titicaca: This Lake evokes a spiritual tranquility in everyone who visits the place. This is the most beautiful lakes of the world with dark blue waters, which you have never seen before in any lake.

This is the biggest freshwater lake of South America that lies in the border of Peru and Bolivia. This fresh water lake has some famous islands in it namely, The Floating Islands and The Island Of Sun.

Iguazu falls: This is definitely the most visited place of the South America. Most famous natural attraction of Argentina, these are taller than Niagara Falls and twice as the width with a horse shape of the falls.

These falls are considered as the jewel of the continent, you can explore different species of flora and fauna at the surroundings of the Iguazu falls.

There are many other places in South America which are to be visited; Galapagos Islands, Panama Viejo, Caraz in Peru, Buenos Aires Cabildo etc.


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