In case you never heard of Lanai, you should know this is one of the most amazing islands of Hawaii. The small island differs a lot from the other Hawaiian resorts.

Lanai is only 141 square miles and it is still inhabited. One of the smallest islands in the Hawaii, the island is known for its remarkable nature, outstanding beaches and views to take your breath away.


( Photo by J K Johnson )

The only luxury hotel at the island is property of Four Seasons. In fact, there are only two resorts, both properties of this famous hotel brand.

The island is yet untouched and there are a lot of stunning views to explore. The beaches are with white sand, while the jungle is another challenge for anyone, who wants to get in touch with the ecosystem.

The nearest islands are Maui and Molokai, where the parties are part of the adventure called Hawaii.

In the Lanai the residents are only 3500, but this is what makes this unbelievable place interesting and exciting.


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