When Armani does something, that something is done in style so it is no surprise that his outstanding touch reached out into the hotelier world too.

Armani hotel was a project that took on almost 5 years to be completed, in which time the designer supervised carefully all the progress. The hotel was a daring project aiming to reach the highest standards in luxury and service but in the same time holding the style touch of the Armani house designs.

burj khalifa tower( Photo by ashmieke )

The interiors are carrying exactly the same style notes present in Armani fashion collections including minimalist interior design, classical lines and all the Armani signature details the fashion label is known for.

Placed inside the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa tower, the Armani hotel spreads over 10 floors and offers accommodation in 160 splendid rooms – with the impressive price of $1,089 for one night stay; a spa, eight elegant restaurants and the craved Armani retail boutiques.

The Armani hotel project will be extended and will include a resort in the city of Milan and one in Egypt.

The designer has expressed his passion for hotel building a long time ago so the Armani hotel is yet another proof that nothing can stop the dreams of a genius.


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