Ireland is a beautiful country with its rolling grass fields and picturesque landscape. It is also popular for its many historic and natural landmarks. These lovely places take you back in time and let you relish the grandeur and luxury of the past.

The tourists also get a taste of unparalleled natural beauty that is worth all the trouble one may have to go through to reach.

Some of its very popular and well known castles include Dromoland Castle, Blamey Castle and Belfast Castle. Each of these castles has its own spectacular history and has been host to several important guests.

The Dromoland Castle was traditionally home to the descendants of the High King of Ireland. It is now a converted estate that is just one short of 100 guest rooms. Guests can enjoy Falconry, a royal sport here.

Tourists flock to the Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. Kissing the stone is supposed to bring good luck. The castle was originally a timber lodge built in the 10th century. The stone castle replaced it in 1210.

The Belfast Castle is situated 400 feet above sea level on the Cave Hill. It has one of the most panoramic views in Ireland.

Other most famous landmarks include St Patrick’s Cathedral, a historic institution. The cathedral has over 300,000 visitors annually. The high number of visitors comes here especially during the Symposium held for Jonathan Swift who was the dean during 1713 -1745.

Literary enthusiasts may also like to visit the statue of Oscar Wilde, in Dublin. The statue shows Oscar Wilde resting on a rock.

Also worth a visit are the Four Courts, the governing seat of Ireland. Visitors can see all four courts in one spot, namely the Irish Supreme Court, High Court, Circuit Court and District Court.

The Cliffs of Moher beckon the adventure lovers. These cliffs overlook the Atlantic Ocean and rise well above 214 meters. With no barriers it is close to its natural state but dangerous. They are also not easy to reach as the traveler needs to fight through fog and cold to reach the tops.


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