twin towersIn Kuala Lumpur stand two structures that were once the world’s tallest feat of engineering.

Made from concrete and deemed safer than their once US counterparts, these twin towers are over four hundred meters high.

Completed over a decade ago, the structures sometimes referred to as Petronas Twin Towers, were built on the site of a famous race track.

Architect, Cesar Pelli, insisted on foundations of over 120 meters and today most of the floor space is given over to offices.

There is a designer shopping center at the bottom of the construction including names such as Channel, Ralf Lauren and Louis Vuitton.

The Suria, KLCC center is popular with Arabs who appreciate the cooler temperatures that Malaysia has to offer. It is where the very rich parts of the population spend their vast amounts of wealth. [Malaysia Travel]

The skyline is dominated by Towers with the metal finish that was put on the concrete buildings, reflecting the city lights in the night time. It is a wonderful sight to behold and a big attraction for tourists.

There is a bridge, called the Skybridge which connects the pair one hundred and fifty meters off the ground. This is at the 21st floor, the single only opportunity for the public to experience the view from the Towers. It is a very busy attraction for visitors so book early to avoid disappointment.

During construction there was an unusual occurrence for Kuala Lumpur, that of the loss of electricity. This happened just as builders were preparing to install the Skybridge, without any power for a full twenty four hours, it was left dangling from cranes high above the city until the lights were turned back on.


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