singapore cityOf all the Asian countries, Singapore stands out as the cleanest, and it has less crime and is therefore very safe.

However, for people attracted to this safe haven need to understand the strict laws that govern this country.

Being known as the fine city means that there are strict measures in place and any tourist will not be let off an offence with an excuse of not knowing they were doing anything wrong.

When visiting this great country make a point of understanding every prohibited sign and any beware sign.

One good example is that of chewing gum which although not banned in Singapore is severely frowned upon. Importing it into the country is illegal and can result in a hefty prison sentence, so it is worth reading up about this country well before you go.

Topless sunbathing is also an offence that is punishable, this time a large fine could be issued, so however hot you get during your summer vacation; keep the undressing to the privacy of the hotel bedroom.

Any rule breaking is taken as a lack of respect for the local laws so no excuses will avoid the courts.

Singapore is a real lesson in what can be achieved but at a price. The streets have no litter and the air is free from cigarette smoke, public toilet facilities are second to none and you will never get gum stuck to your shoe.

Just make sure you remember to flush after use or a five hundred dollar fine will be your comeuppance.


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