The Maui Whale Festival takes place in Maui, Hawaii between November of 2010 and May 2011. However, one of the biggest events will be taking place on Feb. 19th at 9am as the annual Parade of Whales will entertain thousands of local residents and tourists alike.

parade-of-whalesThousands of celebrants will dress up in costumes and parade in floats and marching bands with some of them wearing humpback-whale costumes.

Life-size whale balloons will also be featured at the event. When the parade’s over the celebrations move over to Kalama Park for more festivities.

This fun-filled parade celebrates the sea and whales. It starts at Alanui Keali’i Drive and finishes at the huge whale statue that’s located in Kalama Park.

The parade is actually the opening ceremony for the rest of the day, which is known as Whale Day, which is operated by the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Spectators are invited to watch the activities or to join in themselves. You’ll see an assortment of participants such as musicians, gymnasts, dancers, horseback riders, and cyclists involved. It’s an ideal way to celebrate the occasion with thousands of other people.


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