Citizens in Great Britain will be readying themselves for the royal wedding of PrinceWilliam and Kate Middleton in April. If you’re heading over there you may be interested in visiting some of the nation’stop royal attractions.

Buckingham Palace

1. Buckingham Palace, England

This is probably the most famous place in the world as it’s the Queen’s official residence in London. The changing of the guards has long been a famous tradition.

2. Balmoral Castle and Estate, Scotland

Balmoral Castle is used as the Royal Family’s summer residence. It’s located on 50,000 acres of fabulous Scottish countryside in the Caledonian woodland.

3. Windsor Castle, England

This is the world’s oldest and biggest occupied castle as it’s still used as an official residence for the Royal Family. The castle lies on 26 acres of land and has a rich 900-year history. It also has a chapel on site.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral, England

This famous domed cathedral lies in central London. It’s used for many royal events, such as the Queen’s 80th birthday, the Golden Jubilee and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

5. Westminster Abbey, England

This is where the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton will take place. It’s also a World Heritage Site and a crowning place for monarchs. Several famous people are also buried here, including Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Geoffrey Chaucer.


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