Film lovers often travel to Holland each year for the popular Netherlands Film Festival which takes place in the lovely city of Utrecht.

The film screenings take place at the Winkel van Sinkel as well as at various other locations throughout the city.

The competitive event will show over 130 Dutch films, documentaries, and short features this year from Sept. 22 to Oct. 1st 2010.

The popular festival is well known as the main screening venture and platform for the Dutch film industry. It always features a fantastic wide variety of film premières that are made from both newcomers and seasoned film directors.

The event also sees 16 prizes handed out in 16 different categories for the productions, which are called the Golden Calves – are awarded in 16 categories.

The Netherlands Film Festival was introduced to the country back in 1981and is now one of the top film festivals in the country.

Other popular ones include the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival, the Holland Animation Festival, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

The festival showcases the main film competition as well as various film-related retrospectives, seminars, and programmes. The festival also features industry-related events for international programmers, buyers, and local filmmakers.

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