St Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us as March 17th is just around the corner. This means it’s going to be time for some huge, colorful parades in some parts of the world, with one of the biggest of them taking place in New York City.

New York Celebrates

The annual free St Patrick’s Day Parade takes place in the famous borough of Manhattan and gets underway at 11am. It’s one of the biggest annual parades the city holds and most of the action takes place on Fifth Avenue. Thousands of Americans with Irish descent take part in the celebrations which pay homage to their heritage and faith. However, the parade welcomes people of all beliefs and nationalities as everybody gets together to have a grand old time.

The parade participants get together at 44th Street and the Fighting 69 Irish infantry division gets things going by starting the march. This division originated in the American War of Independence and its mascot is an Irish wolfhound mascot. The parade’s Grand Marshall follows them along with the rest of the marchers.

Some of the best places to catch a glimpse of the parade are the steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and on 86th Street.  St Patrick was actually believed to be born in England, but he introduced Christianity to Ireland. He’s the patron saint of Ireland, Boston, New York, and several other countries and cities.

You’ll find that just about everybody in the parade and watching it will be decked out in green clothing of some sort. The parade features hundreds of marching bands that travel to New York from all over America and from each county in Ireland. The parade concentrates more on the bands than anything else and there are several other related events.

However, when it’s finished you’ll find New York pubs jammed with revellers who celebrate by drinking green beer long into the night.


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