Nude beaches have gained great popularity these days as minimalism with swim wears has reached a completely new level. These beaches are all open for the nudists and naturalists to legally enjoy the naked frolicking along the sandy dunes.

Some visitors yearn to get connected with nature directly, while some go there just for the right amount of tan and get the satisfaction of ultimate beach massage. Just your desires, swimsuit, eye wear, companion, sand and the sea – that is all needed to enjoy the nude beaches to the fullest. Below given is the list of the best nude beaches across the world:

nude beaches in the world

1. Bellevue Beach

Just a few minutes drive from Copenhagen, Denmark, this beach is a hot springs site and labelled as a nude beach. This beach is comfortable throughout the year, especially during the summer months. You can have a cool time with blast music, soaking up in the sunrays along the 700-meter beach. The beach has facilities of lifeguards and showers.

2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver

North America’s vast largest clothing-optional beach has been attracting thousands of local and international tourists. The sun bathers can enjoy along the 7.8 kilometers of coastline and gather with friends for the monthly events. These beach parties have all the fun and entertainment with live music, massage parlor on Vendor’s Row, volleyball teams on beaches and body painting booths. You can drive down to this beach from downtown Vancouver within 15 minutes. The beach has a steep cliff and around 500 stairs down, thus the crown on the beach is far away from the eyes of the city people.

3. Haulover Beach, Miami

Authorised by the government, this nude beach has clean beach features like showers, public restrooms, lifeguards, changing rooms and discounts during peak seasons. This beach does not allow any kind of police patrolling and thus a very popular beach amongst couples. Around 7000 beach-goers visit this place in a day from across the globe. Haulover is one of the most beautiful nudist beaches owing to its pristine white sand, comfortable weather round the year and safe and family friendly ambience.

4. Massarandupio Beach, Brazil

Massarandupio can be reached by a single access road followed by 1.5-kilometer walk. This 12-kilometer-long beach is not a completely nude beach, as 2 km is reserved for people who find optional clothing options to be restricting. This beach is especially a great choice for those who does not prefer travelling much, yet are on a look out for spending time in country side amidst magnificent scenery.

5. Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

This beach, well known for its aesthetic appeal is visited by all who love to be skin to skin with nature. After an exciting night out in Ibiza Town, you definitely should not miss out the Playa Es Cavallet beach time. The unkept and wild look of this beach attracts crowds for partying and enjoying thoroughly. The rolling dunes of white sand are inviting individuals who are not shy about getting all bare and seen. This beach is gay-friendly and has mostly international visitors. To get a proper parking area, you need to be there early.

These nude beaches maintain a very decent decorum and norms of their own; without disturbing the surroundings and also other groups.


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