Nature photography is nothing but upholding the essence of the natural world in the realms of the camera lenses. It refers to the photography that is done outdoors and is devoted to expose the natural elements like wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna, and close-ups of natural scenarios. Amongst all the other photography genres, nature photography has the strongest emphasis on the visual art value.

The streams of photojournalism and documentary photography are all about nature photography and thankfully Mother Earth has some of the magnificent locations to fulfil the thirst of the nature photographers. Let us have a look at the top sites for nature photography that has already wooed renowned nature photographers like Galen Rowell, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe and Eliot Porter –

1. Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

dingle peninsula, ireland

Greater New England area has some of the best spots for still and motion photography. This peninsula region is known for its spectacular rolling green hills. Aerially, it looks like a finger shaped land enters the clouds enveloped Slieve Mish mountain range forming a spine like sharp and comes down to join the rolling green hills. Adjacent subjects for nature photography here are the local farms, charming villages, steep sea cliffs etc. Dingle has become famous amongst photographers for its remote wild beauty.

2. Havana, Cuba

havana, cuba

The richness of lights and patinas in Cuba attracts all nature photographers; especially the concurrence of different cultures from various countries makes Cuba a sophisticated location for nature lovers and photographers. It always has new zones to re-discover and re-explore even if you have already pictured Havana.

3. The Wave, Arizona

the wave, arizona

In southwest America, you get plethora of natural sights to explore. The wave in Arizona is a special region that permits only 20 times for individuals to access the area. It stretches for a 2.5 mile hiking trail and the name is derived from its “sandy” nature. It’s a local belief that this region was geographically carved from water but the reality is that it was carved from sand. The sands blow with high speed when you enter The Wave; the entire region is The Wave is approximately of the size of a basketball court, and there are many more exotic locations within the walking distance. This mystical site is sure to captivate you and the best time to photograph the region is midday.

4. Southern Alps, New Zealand

southern alps, new zealand

Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand is another amazing location for nature photography. You can photograph 2 of the highest peaks of New Zealand here – Mount Cook (3,754m) on the right direction and Mount Tasman (3,497m) on the left direction. The entire backdrop is pristine and spectacular with the two gorgeous peaks standing next to each other.

5. Socotra, Yemen

socotra, yemen

The remote island nestled in the Indian Ocean, is now a part of Yemen. It’s now part of Yemen, but during the Cold War it was a forbidden land. This island has been listed one amongst the heritage site list by the UNESCO World Heritage since 2003 owing to its biodiversity. The Socotri people are definitely a great subject of photography, their lifestyle, customs, and traditions have been seen as vivid photographs in many magazines and books. Socotra is also known as ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’.

Apart from these locations that offer some of the breathtaking sites to capture in your lenses, the world has some more treasures like Marrakesh in Morocco, Easter Island, Yanuca Island in Fiji, Thimphu in Bhutan and so on. Nature photography completely depends on the preference and passion of the photographer as what kind of subject he wishes to choose, today there is no scarcity for scenic places across the globe.


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