One of the most beautiful countries in South America is Chile. While Chile is not as popular as other destinations in the country, it definitelyhas more to offer than we think. So, we are going to tell you what you might not know—what Chile has to offer to its visitors.

There are plenty of places to visit and things to do, but we have restricted ourselves to 5 places which are a must-see and should be amongst top position holders on your bucket list. With this, let us take a look.

5 Places In Chile You Must Not Miss

1. Stargazing

Chile has some of the best night skies in the world—and if you are here, you must not miss out stargazing. Blessed with wonderfully clear skies, there are many observatories set up to watch the stars and study the universe. Thus, there are a huge number of opportunities to experience wondrous skies wherever you go.

The region close to La Serena houses many observatories which are open to thepublic. There are a handful of hotels in the country which offer on-site telescopes; if that does not work out, you should book a night tour with a guide.

2. Easter Island

In all likelihood, you must have heard or at least seen Easter Island in pictures. Also known as Rapa Nui, the Island is famous for its majestic maoi sculptures which are considered to be very photogenic and awe-inspiring.

Easter Island is very remote and is treated as a museum showcasing the remnants of those who lived and flourished years ago on the Island.

Additionally, the island offers other forms of attractions such as two surreal beaches, scuba diving, the grand Polynesian culture and wild horses.

3. Sunset At The Atacama Desert

There is nothing as magical as the sunset at the famous Atacama Desert. Atacama Desert is a blend of everything that is nature’s best—saw-edged mountains, grand volcanoes, and wondrous mesas—and their beauty is accentuated by timeless sunsets in the background.

If you want to bring back home something indelible, then you know where to head!

4. San Pedro de Atacama

Constructed of Adobe brick, the quiet San Pedro de Atacama is a beautiful escape in the driest desert in the world. The place has drawn many tourists for years and continues to bewitch people with its charm.

Here at San Pedro de Atacama, you get some of the best starry sky views and opportunities to explore diverse but equally wonderful land formations. Moreover, it offers a peculiar collection of adobe lodgings that embrace the rustic look very fashionably and flawlessly.

5. Snowboarding And Skiing In The Andes

You got to visit the Andes to have an enthralling and venturesome experience. The Andes, crowned as amongst the largest mountain ranges in the world, are considered to be the best places for snowboarding and skiing in the world.

The ideal season to engage in these exciting activities and have the best experience is the summer season which usually lasts from June to October.


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