Every story has an inspiration, and many authors try to seek inspiration and the necessary motivation to write stories by traveling places. Now when I say ‘travelingplaces”, I do not necessarily allude to long-distance travel—it could be a nearby lake, distant countryside or a foreign city.

What matters is the potential of the place to drive ideas from within to the story.You may know that there are many places across the globe that are internationally popular for providing a perfect story-writing setting, and, in this article, we shall enumerate five such places which you must visit.

Five places where successful writers create stories

Here are five places where successful writers have created stories:

  1. The Elephant House, Edinburg

If we were to start with this article, there is no gainsaying that the first spot is to be dedicated to the universally-acclaimed J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Yes, the Elephant House is the place which is officially known as the birthplace of Harry Potter.

When you visit the café, you can sense the insurmountable pride of the staff which would enthusiastically showcase articles and pictures from the early days of Rowling.

Now you know, so get your packing done and fly down to this amazing café!

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan

For quite some time, this grand infrastructure has been a favorite among professional and amateur writers from all over the world. People say that there is a colossal inflow of thoughts and ideas as you stroll across the hall and discover masterpieces.

One of the most famous spots is the sculpture gallery in whose center lies a fountain and which creates a perfect, calming setting for anyone to begin writing.

  1. Intelligentsia, Venice Beach

The adaptation of one of the most emotionally moving movies of recent times, The Fault in Our Stars, was written right here at Intelligentsia. These always-busy coffee shops are popular for hosting a string of Hollywood screenwriters who have come up with some of the most incredible works of all time.

So, a visit to this shop is a must if, in case, you are looking for ideas.

  1. Kos Kaffe, Brooklyn

At number 4 is a famous café in Brooklyn which has hosted some of the international best-selling authors in the world. Lindsey Palmer, for example, wrote her first novel, Pretty In Ink, which went on to become abest-seller, comments that the café offers really good and strong coffee and enough of sunshine.

The beauty of Kos Kaffe is that it never lets you down despite being a really busy coffee shop—it offers the right amount and quality of peace and comfort which all authors seek before penning down ideas.

  1. Vesuvio Café, San Francisco

Vesuvio Café is a beach bar which was founded in 1948 and has hosted acclaimed writers such as Allan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and others. The café is close to a bookstore, City Lights Bookstore, just across the street where you can check out the collection whenever you want.

The quiet, cultivated environment of Vesuvio will provide you with much-needed mental comfort for writing!


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