Sacred places are among the most visited places on earth, particularly due to the impact of religion on everyone. Apart from being places embodying religious sentiments, these places are also hubs of tourism, attracting millions of tourists every year.

In this article, we are going to choose five sacred places and tell you about them in detail. These places are blessed with divinity and other fortunes, making them among the most intriguing, mind-elevating parts of the planet.

Five Sacred Places in the world to visit

So, without further ado, we have, for you, a list of five sacred places to visit:

1. Mecca and Medina

Islam is the presently largest religion in the world, only after Christianity. So, naturally, the heart and soul of Islam—Mecca, and Medina—are among the most visited places on earth. These are the holiest sites for a Muslim, and invite millions of people from all over the world.

The sentiments that flow through these two incredible sites are unimaginably powerful and pure—something which every person will appreciate.

2. CenoteSagrado, Mexico

Nobody can forget the chaos the 2012 Mayan prophecy created, sending ripples of fears and uncertainty across the globe. While we mainly associate Mayan culture with this prophecy, we cannot be unmindful of the rich, sacred heritage that this civilization left behind.

Mayans worshipedChac—the God of rain—and devoted many cenotes to him. These spots were spots of ritualistic importance, but people were allowed to bathe and drink water there as well.

CenoteSagrado is essentially a limestone cave that enjoyed huge ceremonial importance and was used as a holy sacrificial ground where humans were thrown to appease the All Mighty Gods.

3. Mahabodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya, India

Buddhist traditions consider the Mahabodhi tree as the very same tree under which Prince Siddhartha obtained enlightenment and answers to all his questions. Naturally, this tree became a holy spot, attracting Buddhist scholars and travel-mongers in huge numbers.

The place has a temple complex surrounding the holy tree under whose shade sits a statue of Lord Buddha. Due to its importance to Buddhist culture, the place has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Mount Parnassus, Greece

Greece has always been a land of mysteries, myths, and religious sentiments. Mount Parnassus, therefore, holds a special place in the hearts of Greeks.

Mount Parnassus is considered a sacred place since it was often frequented by Apollo, and was thought to be the abode of Muses, and was, thus, symbolic of music. Apart from this, other myths include the birth of three Corycian Nymphs who made love with a God.

The place retains its sacredness but has also added to its realm modern-day recreations such as scenic hiking trails and ski centers.

5. Crater Lake, Oregon

The Crater Lake is among the deepest lakes in the world, but, apart from its geographical distinctiveness, the lake houses sacredness in its core.

Klamath tribe, a Native American tribe, regarded this lake as divine on the basis of a legend which stated that a battle was fought between the commanders of the world above and the world below, leading to the devastation of Mount Mazama (the mountain, whose implosion is responsible for the creation of the lake).


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