PraguePrague is probably one of the best historic cities with a very intense sense of belonging.

In addition to this, the city can also be considered very much alive with a lot of basement bars, pubs, clubs and discos.

If too much history and too much beer cause tiredness, the vast green parks are there to offer a relaxed time and help people enjoy the wonderful scent of nature.

In order to have unforgettable memories when leaving this city, here are some famous places to visit in Prague.

The most important sites of the city are: Prague Castle within the wide park area that can make you feel the historic atmosphere and The Astronomic Clock, which was built in 1410 by a famous clockmaker to help people treasure the good times that are spent in this city.

To experience a famous delicious part of Prague, the tourist can enjoy the traditional food. The most common meals are pork and beef with various sauces and dumplings.

A dumpling is a traditional Czech dish made from potato or wheat flour boiled in water then rolled and sliced and ran to the tables while very hot. The other famous dishes are; traditional meat and whipped cream sauce combinations called Svi?ková or Rajská.

Perhaps the most delicate way for getting to know the Czech food is to try the fried cheese called Smažený Sýr with Tatarská Omá?ka and garnished potatoes.

The most adorable memories from Prague come with a glass of ice-cold beer and the bohemian scene viewed through relaxed eyes. The traditional Czech beer mostly addresses to a both thirsty and hungry body.

There are some opportunities such as cheese, sausages, etc that can be found in the menus with classic beer combinations. Bottled, pasteurized, non-pasteurized, light or dark beer types are all very welcomed.

All in one, Prague comes with a perfume of history, a flavor of good food and an exquisite multitude of beer assortments that can turn a visit there in a wonderful memory.


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