The so called Mayan Riviera on the Mexican Coats stretches along the 307 route.

The fans of underwater diving target this place, as there are the caves and the natural basins that can be found in the sunny bays; the fans of the large beaches are welcomed by the beer bars and isolated sand areas; the fans of archeological discovery can climb the Mayan pyramids while the shoppers can go hunting for art in the cute boutiques.

At 36 km from Cancun, the Mayan Riviera spreads on a land of 120 km in length from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen.

Among the unforgettable experiences from this region of Mexican paradise, we can mention the amenities offered to the golf lovers, but also the promise of a fairytale honeymoon complimented by the spa centers, restaurants ready to accommodate every taste, the vestiges of Mayan world and the fascinating coastal water underworld. There are a large number of things you can do here because if anything the Mayan Riviera will not let you get bored.

The Tulum archeological area is one of the most beautiful sites from the entire Riviera. Combining the mystery of the ancient civilizations that ruled over this area and the unique beauty of the Caribbean Sea spreading around it, the Tulum is the single archeological site near the sea.

The site is surrounded by three thick walls with the sea being the forth. The Tulum village is and example of picturesque place where the artisan shops are spread along the main street for the tourists delight.

The Xcaret eco-archeological park is ready to introduce the traveler into the Mayan culture, presenting the flora and fauna of the area as well as the archeological monuments, aquatic activities and the chance to live the unique experience of swimming with dolphins.

The tourist will surely be impressed by the valleys of the two underground rivers flowing on a two kilometer distance, rivers that spread on more than a kilometer and on whose course you can walk and discover the remains of the Mayan culture, impressive rock formations or marine fossils.

Dare and experiment here with the interactive show called “the spectacular Mexico” which is without a doubt the most notorious Mexican folk festival in the world.

Xel- Ha is the place “where the water is born” and in the Mexican tradition a unique and magical place. The tropical park is of a breath taking beauty where a lagoon, a river and the exuberant jungle are meeting in a spectacular spot in the sea.


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