If you have never visited Costa Rica, you might be wondering… what is it so fascinating about it?

Does it have anything unique, other than the other exotic countries have to offer?

Well, its biological variety, due to the abundance of ecosystems in the National Park, such as rain forests, swamps, beaches, and lagoons is very attractive for tourists and scientists all together.

On top of that, it is one of the few places that host the Tropical Gar, threatened species which is considered to be a living fossil, and a considerable variety of turtles, among which Hawksbill, Loggerheads, Green, and Leatherbacks.

The most special thing about these turtles in Costa Rica is that over here tourists can actually see them nesting and hatching! That is because the island is quite isolated (it can only be reached by plane or boat) but it remains the country’s third most visited National Park, partly because of the fascination people have for turtles that step out of the egg and make their way into the ocean. They are initially blind and they find the path to the coast based on the sound of the waves.

The process can be observed only at the tropics and it is said that every person should be part of it at least once in their lifetime, for it reveals the process of life in a completely new light.


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