This is the cradle of patriotism, the site of Paul Revere’s historic ride and home to the USS Constitution.

But it’s also home to a new greenway, high fashion at low prices, discount theater tickets, great public transportation and cool places to eat well on a budget.

The combination of old and new, historic and trendy, gives Boston its unique personality — and provides limitless opportunities for a visit that doesn’t require help from one of the city’s leaders in venture capital.

Here’s the secret of why Bostonians “pahk their cahr in Hahvid Yahd” — because it’s too expensive to park it in the city.

If you plan to stay in Boston, there’s no need to rent a car. The city’s public transit — known locally as “the T” — is an easy-to-follow color-coded system that is safe and inexpensive, just $2 per ride, with kids free.

In good weather, the most affordable and efficient way to navigate Boston is on foot. And the best way to see the most historic sites — for free — is along the Freedom Trail.

You can start anywhere along the red-brick pathway that winds and bends through historic Boston — from Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument. There are 16 official sites but plenty of fun unofficial stops along the way, too.

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