One of the most popular festivals in Asia is definitely the Singapore Arts Festival. This annual event will be taking place between May 13th and June 4th this year.

The festival features a wide variety of performing arts such as Western and Asian dance, music, and theatre.

There are many traditional artists, but the festival also offers a myriad of innovative and experimental performers and types of art.


The Singapore Arts Festival provides an interesting international programme which covers just about all possible types of performing arts. Some of these even take place at the same time as fusions are quite common at the festival.

For example, you may find the interesting combination of jazz and Indian music. You may also find Asian dance mixing it up with imaginative and contemporary combinations of music, light, text, sound, and movement.

There are close to 75 performances by entertainers from all over the world, and that’s just the core program. There are many more, such as commissioned works, world premieres, and works that have been conceived through international collaborations.

There are many genres and venues to keep everybody interested and happy during the event and there are also workshops on offer. There’s also a kids arts village to keep the young ones entertained.

The festival was launched back in 1977 and it started out as a national arts festival as a way to celebrate Singapore’s local arts and artists. Over the past 30-plus years the festival has played a major role in the development of cultural and artistic life in Singapore, transforming the nation into one of Asia’s top cultural capitals today.

The event has influenced many local artists and artistic movements. This year’s theme is “I want to Remember.”


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