TasmaniaSingle people have a difficult time finding places they can travel and feel like they are part of the locale and not feel they are missing part of a unit.

Places like Cabo San Lucas and Las Vegas are really designed more for group travel and couples’ vacations.

There are a few places in the world that are absolute perfect places for single people to travel, enjoy themselves and fully get the most out of their travel experience.

We have researched the 5 most accommodating and perfect destinations for singles in the world.

  1. In Tasmania Australia there are two areas called Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain.  Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia and is usually overlooked by tourists. Tasmania is beautiful as it is 40% naturally protected wildlife area. The protected wildlife area consists of nature reserves and national parks. The activities that make Tasmania such a hot spot for singles are the fishing, sailing, biking and hiking[Tips for hiking]. Hobart, the capital city is very charming.
  2. Bariloche Argentina while unknown by tourists and international travelers is recommended by nearly everyone in that region of Argentina. Travel to Bariloche Argentina from the United States is not entirely affordable considering the flight to a remote area.
  3. Known for natural disasters and poverty instead of the beauty it has to offer, Bangladesh is actually recommended by all locals. Should Bangladesh be on your list of travel destinations as a single person you definitely need to see the Ahsan Manzil Palace in Dhaka Bangladesh.
  4. Of course Italy is on every travel list there is. Whether it’s Venice for the canals or Milan for its high-fashion or maybe Tuscany for its beautiful mountains and fields. Or people may go to the boot and visit Sicily. There is another destination in the boot that you should visit that is a good destination for singles and that is Sardinia, Italy.
  5. The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus Syria alone makes Syria a must-see travel destination for any single person or independent traveler. Reportedly Damascus is one of those travel destinations that make you feel like you are stepping back in time and provides the traveler with peace and serenity.


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