pet travellingDo you have a trip coming up that you would like to take your dog with you?

Maybe you are debating between driving and flying and want to know what the best thing for the dog is? [travelling with pets]

Well depending upon how much your dog weighs it will most likely be in your dog’s best interest to drive and to avoid flying in the cargo area of the plane altogether.

If your dog is small which would mean either a very young puppy or a very small dog such as a Yorkie or something like that you can take your dog in the cabin area of the plane with you on most commercial airlines.

If your dog is bigger than a small dog you will definitely have to check your dog which means they will be riding in the cargo area of the plane.

Most airlines attempt to regulate the temperature and air pressure in the cargo areas for many reasons; perfumes and pets mostly.

However it is very difficult to do and the situation will be very stressful on your dog regardless of if the airline is able to regulate both the temperature and the air pressure.


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