If you are a movie buff, here are some of the most popular movie destinations you will find interesting.

England has been a set for many great movies, but London is a fascinating place for Harry Potter fans. They have two reasons to adore London: the first one is that, the creator of Harry, J.K. Rowling is from London and the second one is the Kings Cross Station which was the basic setting for the movie.

The Hogwarts Express that takes the wizards to school is actually an ordinary train that is still used in the London metropolis.

If you are a fan of the vampire saga Twilight, then you surely want to visit the La Push beach. Actually this is a real beach, located in Ecola State Park in Oregon. Its real name is the Indian Beach and it is about two miles away from the Cannon Beach.

Sex and The City fans will also find an iconic place to visit. Carrie’s wedding at the New York Public Library did not take place, but the library is open for anyone, who wants to visit it. The weddings there are of course not permitted, but you can still see where Big broke Carrie’s heart.

The English Patient was also a hit movie and if you want to see where Kip takes Hana to a church, you should visit Italy. The famous church from the movie is located in Tuscany and it is called Basilica San Francesco.

When it comes to movie classic, Los Angeles can offer a lot. The city has been a movie setting ever since the cinema existed. Pretty Woman was also made there. In case you want to visit Vivian’s room, where she fell in love with Edward, you should visit the Las Palmas Hotel in L.A.

The apartment is still kept the way it was in the movie. The Hangover fans can always go to Las Vegas, because the entire city was part of the film, but the Caesars Palace is the casino, where the friends from the movie got staggeringly drunk.

In case you want to travel in Greece and you loved the movie “Mamma Mia”, don’t forget to visit the convent of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Skopelos. Located there is the famous chapel in which Sophie and Sky got married. Mamma Mia was made in Greece, so you can see the amazing views from the movie, including the house of Meryl Streep, which is still kept in Skopelos.


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