Switzerland’s a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year due to its picturesque towns, villages, and cities and scenic countryside. Visitors love to head there in the winter to ski the country’s famous Alps, but residents sometimes like to see the long winters come to an end with the beginning of spring.


Between March 10th and 12th you can join the residents of Bern as they kiss winter goodbye with a tremendous celebration and party. The three-day festival will knock your socks off as the streets come alive with the sound of music, parades, and all sorts of jovial shenanigans.

The festival is known as the Bern Fasnacht Carnival and you’ll be able to see all kinds of people in the city streets. Along with the brass bands you’ll be able to see people dressed as clowns, jesters, witches cuddly grizzly bears.

The big party starts on Thursday night (Mar. 10) after a person dressed as grizzly bear is let loose into the streets from the city’s historic prison tower. The celebrations continue the next day with a children’s parade. Here you’ll see youngsters dressed in colorful costumes as they travel through the city’s old district.

The Bern Fasnacht carnival ends with a gigantic parade on the last day with characters dressed in traditional garb. They converge on the city center and enjoy dancing, live music, and partying, all hoping the winter in Switzerland has ended.


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