The Canary Islands are the beautiful patches of green seen from the satellite view somewhere close to the Northern Coast of Africa. This blessed land is still under Spanish dominion and it is known to be one of the best vacation spots for the Europeans.

The Canary Islands archipelago offers seven islands ideal for those who want to enjoy the warm climate, the wide sunny beaches, aquatic sports and relaxing in nature or simply having the best of fun you can have, for these destinations are “hot” at any hour during the day or the night.

From the many places in the Canary Islands there are two amazing pieces of beautiful land we all know as Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and perhaps the most important. Its picturesque landscape is built on volcanic rocks which are not favorable for building.

In spite of that, Tenerife prides with amazing highways, two international airports, and an infrastructure that can shadow any metropolis, naval ports and outstanding resorts.

In spite of the fact that the Canary Islands have a very delicate fresh water problem, this being very scarce, they somehow manage to grow a large banana crop and outstanding vegetation being a true name in the luxurious flora destination world.

Tenerife is also a golfing paradise and surprisingly, here are opportunities for a luxurious vacation but also for a family getaway on a budget.

The main attractions are Los Cristiano with the amazing beach in Las Vistas and Adeje with the coolest windsurfing opportunities.

Los Gigantes resort is truly something else and the rocky beach from Golf de Sur is extremely picturesque. Everyone should see a banana tree plantation and climb the volcano.

You should also visit the Guinmar Pyramids and the giant fichus from Drago Millenario but also have a chat with the locals for a very entertaining experience.

Gran Canaria is a small continent by itself. Placed between Tenerife and Fuerteventura, with endless golden beaches and white sand dunes is filled with spectacular natural beauty, rich in history and culture.

This is the place where you can lay in the sun no matter what the time of the year, for the average year temperature is 24 Celsius degrees.

The entertainment possibilities are endless and range from diving, surfing, fishing, cycling and rock climbing.

Gran Canaria is also filled with golf courses, exquisite restaurants but also trendy cafes and terraces along with theme parks you should not miss seeing.

Make sure you take advantage of the unique air of Canary Islands and enjoy the delightful air, the welcoming folk and the cooking specific to these islands. All these combined will make sure you have a vacation to remember.


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