In case you are newlywed and wondering where to spend your honeymoon, here are two destinations that may change your idea about your honeymoon trip.

If you seek an adventurous place, where you can practice different activities, Europe has something to offer. Actually Italy has another side, which stays undiscovered – Calabria.

The city of Calabria offers amazing nature and culture, typical Italian foods and wines, but its wild side remains one of the reasons why to visit this Italian region.


The city is located on the sea, just on the finger of the Italian boot. This place is one of the best places to take amazing pictures, for it offers wild nature, golden beaches and blue sea water.

Catanzaro, a city located nearby is great for all kind of water sports and especially jet-skiing, so you can enjoy it, if you like to explore those waters.

The popular beaches on the Calabria side include TropeaDiamante and Scilla. Calabria is a great mix between sea and mountains. If you like to explore new things, the nearby mountain Aspromonte is popular for its forests. Here you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

The Aspromonte National Park is another pearl of Calabria, where you will see unique flora and fauna like nowhere else. If you are interested in skiing at 1400 m altitude, Calabria has an excellent winter resort with a group of cheap hotels where you can enjoy winter sports too.


If Europe isn’t your favorite destination, try Thailand. The honeymoon island Phuket is one of the best places, where you can taste amazing adventures.

The island is located on south. The resort is famous for being the most beautiful resort of Thailand with its amazing beaches, coral waters and a landscape with unique tropical flowers.

The water sports are one of the main activities here, so prepare for a romantic dinner on board or a flying regatta with one of the most expensive boats in the world.

The Royal Cliff Beach Resort is also a popular Thai resort. It is located on the Gulf of Thailand’s east coast. The tropical landscape is one of the most amazing things on the resort.

The romantic walks between Jomtien and Pattaya beaches are just splendid, especially for honeymooners that want to explore the nature of Thailand.  The resort offers shopping centers, 10 restaurants, amazing spa centers and wild night life.


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