Snow, Santa, gifts, trees and here comes the Christmas holiday! Spending time at home with the family, attending to a crazy house-party or going abroad…the way of accepting the New Year with all the glory changes because of people’s preferences.

Considering going abroad, Austria probably would be one of the best places to visit. As a rule, Christmas holidays can be spent with all the family in Austria.

As in other European countries[Europe Travel], the day of Saint Nicholas is December 6th. Preparations start during the afternoon, starting with dressing the “Christ Baum” (Christmas tree) with small toys, colorful bells, stars, snow figures, etc.

All the theaters, shops and concert halls will be closed in the evening because of that there would be limited time to visit these places. Instead of these places, visitors might enjoy the “Gebackener Karpfen” and “Sachertorte”. Also cookies called “Weihnachtsbaeckerei” can be tasted during the holiday.

Christmas markets are traditional Austrian activity. In Vienna, the market takes place in the city hall. At the foot of the Golden Roof, Innsbruck opens the market and in the huge Cathedral of Salzburg, another market place amazes the tourists.

Considering going to Vienna for the Christmas holidays would also be a cultural visit because Vienna is a city which has a huge treasure of culture. The Museum of Arts, for example, is one of the world’s largest museums.

With colorful dressings all over the place, Vienna would be a romantic option for Christmas. Imperial Palace, Schönbrunn Palace can be visited to feel the romantic and historical atmosphere.


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