Ranked among the top 10 scuba diving spots, Cozumel Mexico is the place to head to if one is looking for an exotic holiday, diving among amazing species of fish.

With pristine reefs around the island, it is the perfect spot for scuba diving vacation.

Cozumel is the largest Mexican Caribbean Island about 12 miles from the main land.

The name of the island refers to the Mayan name Cuzamil which meant “Land of Swallows”. With 100’ visibility and a diving height ranging from 30’ to 120’ the island offers some of the world’s best scuba diving spots.

The reefs are protected by marine national parks, thus one can expect them in perfect conditions. Some of the popular spots are Palancar, El Cedral and Santa Rosa reefs.

Enjoy the scuba diving experience with exotic fishes swimming by your side. Step off the sand and wade through fabulous coral gardens.

It really does not matter if the tourist is a novice or an expert at scuba diving, there are plenty of professionals here, just waiting to help you.

You need to bring nothing with you besides your love for scuba diving. Hire equipment, take lessons and dive with professionals beside you.

You should go to Cozumel for the perfect scuba diving holiday. Enjoy the pristine reefs and clear waters along with luxury stays and gourmet food for a unique dream vacation.



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