If you are a traveler, you probably have visited the biggest towns of the U.S. In case you want to see the country from another point of view, here is a special guider for the coolest small towns in America that will charm you with beauty and traditions. Traveling to a small town is usually cheaper than visiting the big city.

Therefore, a vacation in small town is affordable and inexpensive. Perhaps you never heard of Brevard, but it is one of the most charming towns in North Carolina. The reason why you should visit this place is simple: the nature and the breathtaking views.

The town is often labeled as the Appalachian pride for its history, so don’t miss out to visit the local museum. Brevard is located in Blue Ridge Mountains, which hides stunning views. If you are fan of hiking, this is the right place to go. If you enjoy good wine and good food, then Cloverdale in California is the exact place to do it.

The city is known for its wine cultures, which are not so famous, but surely they must be tasted. Cloverdale’s center is all about keeping the old American building traditions. There you can see some rambling Victorians and art galleries. The hotels are not many, but the people here are offering bed and breakfast for the city guests.

In case you want to enjoy some fishing, the Lake Michigan has what to offer. The city of Egg Harbor in Wisconsin is located literately on the beach of the Lake, so you can enjoy water and sun, especially in the summer.

This is surely the city of the campers, so don’t hesitate to visit Egg Harbor in case you enjoy beach camping. Another reason to visit this charming small city is its gardens, which are well known for their beauty.

In case you are enchanted by the old farmer life, you can take some doze of farmer living in Quincy, Illinois. The city is all about local farming and producing healthy foods.

This is not the only reason to visit Quincy. The town is called The Gem City and it is listed as the eight in the top of the fifteen small cities to raise a family in America. The top was launched by Forbes magazine.

Quincy was rated eight due to its commute time, high school graduation rate and cost of living. Nothing is expensive there and life surely can be labeled as calm and silent. Therefore, Quincy is a must visit for those travelers that are eager for quiet and neat vacations in the country.


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