rodeo driveIt may be only a few blocks but Rodeo Drive is world famous and one of the most popular shopping areas in Los Angeles aimed at the very wealthy.

The designer boutiques include the famous names of fashion, like Ralph Lauren, Tiffany and Armani.

A big draw for tourists is a part called Two Rodeo, which is supposed to represent a European avenue lined with trees. Built in the middle of the last century, it is in fact two narrow roads, North Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, running parallel with each other. This is a real haven and a must for window shoppers.

Many come to spot celebrities who are regular shoppers in this expensive shopping district.

In some of the very exclusive places an appointment must be made, something that would appeal to names like Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger who like to protect their privacy.

There are plenty of good hotels in close proximity to Rodeo Drive and this part of Beverly Hills is home to the country’s finest places to stay. The latter are chosen by international dignitaries and political leaders who appreciate a bit of luxury when traveling. [luxury travel]

Rodeo Drive looks brilliant at night time, as the area comes alive with all its lights and cobbled streets. It is an eclectic blend of different cultures, combining romantic fountains and arches with Italian style piazzas.

Almost like an old set from a movie and at Christmas the addition of decorations and other paraphernalia, make it a magical place to be.


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