River holidays include all the romance and excitement of communing with nature while taking in spectacular sights. Whether it is adventure sport that you are interested in, wildlife or the reviving relaxation offered by scenic vistas river holidays have something for everyone:

Colorado River: Probably the most majestic and spectacular of rivers, this is the river that bears testament to the natural force of denudation and the way they can shape the landscape forming craggy canyons along its course.

The Arches National Park in Utah is a great location to visit on the Colorado River. There are over 2000 natural sandstone arches here. The Canyonlands National Park is again a spectacular place to visit with numerous mesas, buttes and canyons.

Then there is of course the magnificent Grand Canyon which was created over six million years. Hoover Dam is another popular destination situated on the Colorado River.

Niagara River: A destination that has become something of a cliché for honeymooning couples, the Niagara Falls is a spectacular sight that never fails to thrill, no matter how often you visit.

Accommodation is available close to the falls and one can take their time viewing the falls from the air (by helium balloon or helicopter) as well as from the viewing platforms and by boat. More information about Niagara Falls holidays, tours, vacation packages and cruises can be obtained online at this website.

Columbia River: This magnificent river offers not only scenic spots along its banks, but it is also one for the keen fishermen among us. Known for its fishing, there are varieties of fish such as Sturgeon, Steelhead, Walleye and Salmon that one can fish for. Also the Columbia River gorge is a spectacular locale, with high waterfalls and beautiful mountainous settings.

Mississippi River: This one conjures up images of river boat gamblers of days gone by and the halcyon days of the time when Mark Twain penned his Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn novels.

The river has witnessed history being written and has provided inspiration for a number of artistic works. The towns along the river are great places to visit and you can still enjoy river cruises on the river in a manner that harkens back to the old days.

Hudson City: New York, perhaps the world’s most popular destination sits astride the river Hudson. Additionally ferries, tunnels and bridges along the river as well as the natural creeks and brooks of the river offer many possibilities for trips.

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Colorado River


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