The annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival will be taking place on the wonderful island on March 7th and 8th at Queen’s Park Savannah in the historical capital city ofPort of Spain. This festival is a fantastic street part where thousands of revelers get decked out in sequins, feathers, body paint, and glitter, and masquerade down the local streets. The music is blaring, people are dancing and it’s a gigantic party that shouldn’t be missed.

The origins of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival can be traced back to the 18th century when the French were settled in the country. Ex slaves took over the celebrations following emancipation in 1838. The original events under the French were more reserved as they featured costume balls, carriage rides, and dinners. When the locals took over the celebrations turned into wild and colourful street parties.

The activities get under way quite early on Monday morning as thousands of people start to fill the streets around 2am. They dance to the rhythms of Soca and calypso music in all sorts of wild costumes. The streets are filled with people for two days. You’ll find mobile drinking bars where you can get your hands on premium food and drinks, with many of them offered up in air-conditioned buses.

The carnival also features numerous types of interesting competitions throughout the two days as well as hundreds of mini outdoor and indoor parties all over the city.

The excitement is feverish and contagious and one of the most popular events is the steel band competition. Other popular events include the selection of the carnival Queen and King. A great time is had by all and there’s plenty of local cuisine to try out.


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