When visiting Barcelona, Spain, you should try to take a short trip down the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the town of Badalona.

Here you will find an intriguing city of just over 200,000 that’s located right on the beach, between the mountains and the sea with plenty of activities to do and sites to see. This also includes a wide variety of restaurants and shopping options along with a small harbor.

There are “seven wonders” in Badalona: Dalt la Vila, Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, Patín a vela, Roman City, Anís del Mono, Giants Anastasi i Maria, and La Rambla.

Badalona is among the oldest centres in the Catalonia region and features just over three miles of beach for water activities and swimming. The roots of the town can be traced back over 2,000 years. There are several Roman ruins to visit, including baths, as well as dozens of artifacts in the city’s museum.

Badalona is also the home to one of the most famous monasteries in Spain, the Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, which was constructed during the fourteenth century. This is where the country’s Catholic Monarchs spent their summers and where Christopher Columbus was received after his initial trip to America.

Badalona can easily be reached from Barcelona in about 20 minutes on the RENFE train system and there are several underground stations. One of the best times to visit is in May as the city has several festivals in honour of the patron saint of Badalona.

Photo Credit: badafar


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