Most of the popular attractions in the world are above ground. However, there are many interesting and historical sites that are based beneath the earth’s surface. These are some of the most popular underground attractions on the planet.

1. The Berlin Nuclear Bunker, Berlin, Germany

( Photo by tmdbristol )

This radiation-proof bunker was built during 1971 while the Cold War was still a reality. It’s eerily silent and you can feel the cool air invade your body. There is a series of bunk beds that can sleep just over 3,500 weary people. The historical bunker was designed to house people for up to 14 days in case of a nuclear attack in Berlin.

2. The Paris Sewers, Paris, France


( Photo by niles )

This fantastic system is 1,300 miles in length and it sees thousands of gallons of water flow through it every day. You can view over 450 feet of the sewer system in action and learn how it operates with a tour of the attraction. A history of sewers is also offered.

3. Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam


( Photo by mikegadd )

You enter these amazing tunnels by crawling through a narrow trapdoor into a series of tunnels which lead to an underground village. The area features a meeting room, dormitory, kitchen, and even a hospital. It was used during the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong as thousands of them were placed inside the 125-mile series of tunnels. The tunnels were bombed several times, but were never captured.

4. Aktun Chen Eco Park Caves, Yucatan, Mexico


( Photo by randaclark )

This network of caves allows you to stroll past subterranean rivers, which are known locally as cenotes. You’ll be able to see through the deep, clear waters all the way to the bottom of the natural wells where the floors are white.

The caves feature some of the most amazing rock formations anywhere in the world with fossils, stalagmites, stalactites, and small fruit bats all adding to the atmosphere underneath the unspoilt rain forest. You can explore this magnificent spectacle by diving and on foot.

5. The Underground City, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


( Photo by Patoche35?s )

This amazing underground network is known as La Ville Souterraine or RESO. It’s basically a series of above and below ground complexes that are connected together in downtown Montreal. It’s often referred to as the indoor city and is the largest of its kind in the world.

The sections of the underground network are connected by huge air conditioned tunnels which feature shops, hotels, apartment buildings, offices, banks, condominiums, museums, schools, a bus terminal, metro stations, and the Bell Centre arena. There are over 20 miles of tunnels in total and 120 exterior entrances to the network. It’s estimated that about half a million people use some part of the underground city each day during the winter months.

6. Hannan’s North Mine, Kalgoorlie, Australia

This Australian mine is 100 feet below the ground and can be accessed via a caged elevator. The tunnels were originally dug out in the country’s famous gold rush during the 19th century. While visiting, you can enjoy the experience of panning for real gold. The Kalgoorlie mine still manufactures 10 per cent of the earth’s gold.

7. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland


( Photo by janesjaunts)

Salt used to be as important to the world as oil is today and this is why there were so many salt mines across the globe years ago. This mine in Krakow features miles of underground passages as well as huge caverns which are more than 400 feet deep.

This is a popular UNESCO heritage site which attracts over a million visitors a year. The mine features lakes, statues and chapels which have been sculpted out of salt, as well as the biggest mining museum in the world. In addition, you’ll find a concert hall with excellent acoustics.

8. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA


( Photo by J.E.S.’s)

This is the longest cave system in the world. The oldest sections of it were formed about 10 million years ago, which is well over nine million years before Homo sapiens appeared on the earth.


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