One of the best ways to explore any area of the world is by your feet. You can usually follow your instincts and go wherever you feel like it and sometimes there are organized trails and walks for you to follow. These are some of the world’s best walks and hikes.

1. Southwest Ireland

Ireland is well known as a land of myths history, and legends, especially in the southwestern area. Here you’ll find ancient castles and abbeys along with charming country homes. One of the best areas is the Dingle Peninsula, where you’ll pass by dramatic cliffs, stone cottages, and tiny islands sitting in the sea.

There are Iron Age ruins at Slea Head, which lies in the western point of the peninsula. Killarney National Park is another interesting and beautiful area as are Inisfallen Island and County Kerry. You’ll see diverse wildlife such as otters, great crested grebe, and red deer. You can enjoy the local culture in the small villages and pubs and enjoy the friendly banter of the locals.

2. Great Smoky Mountains, USA

This area was called home by the Cherokee Indians hundreds of years ago.  The mountain range sits in the south of the Appalachians. The area was made into a national park back in 1934 and it’s now close to half a million acres in size, which means it’s the biggest wilderness region in eastern America. There are about 900 miles of hiking trails which are filled with historical and natural interests.

You’ll find well over 200 species of birds, 100 species of trees, and 1,500 types of flowering plants. Thenatural beauty comes from mountain vistas and waterfalls. The history is preserved by 18th and 19thcentury farmhouses, log cabins, barns, and grist mills.

3. Nova Scotia, Canada

This province on the east coast of Canada is one of the nation’s most beautiful, friendly, historical, and interesting. It’s filled with rugged shorelines and rolling hills. One of the best regions to explore on foot is the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You’ll see bald eagles, rocky cliffs, and small fishing villages.

You’ll see the Gulf of St. Lawrence below you and it leads to North Harbour Beach. From here you can head out to seas and enjoy whale-watching trips. There are plenty of craggy coasts, cobblestone beaches, and dewy meadows.

4. The Oregon Trail, USA

This historic American trail stretches from Oregon City, Oregon to Independence, Missouri. Hundreds of thousands of emigrants travelled this route in the mid-1800s. The trail is close to 2,200 miles long these days and features 125 historical sites as well as many areas to explore it by foot. One of the best hiking tours starts at the foot of Mount Hood.

It takes you down the powerful Columbia River and past some waterfalls and then leads to some wonderful meadows with excellent mountain views. If you head to Government Camp you’ll be able to check out the Pioneer Woman’s Grave and then explore several more trails that lead to historic sites.

5. Costa Rican Cloud Forests, Costa Rica

Cloud forests are tropical areas that are covered most of the year in clouds and are found at the top of coastal mountains. Walking through these forests will bring you as close to nature as possible. You’ll be able to see lagoon waterfalls, rugged craters, peaceful sea coves, and refreshing freshwater ponds.

The towering trees watch over the lush landscape and wide, flowing rivers. It’s a colorful and exotic experience and you’ll witness some of the world’s finest natural beauty. There are numerous accommodations available as you trek through the fascinating cloud forests.



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