With Great Britain’s Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge recently tying the knot and enjoying their honeymoon. It’s a good time to look into some of the top retreats in the world for royalty. However, you don’t have to be born or married into a Royal Family to enjoy these exciting destinations.

1. The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean

A lot of royals like to head to the high seas once they’re married. Cruising the Mediterranean is a popular honeymoon choice for many of them, such as Britain’s Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, and Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco. Actually the Queen and Prince Philip cruised the seas during their second honeymoon.

2. Switzerland


Skiing is another popular activity with royals and the rich and famous. One of the most popular destinations to hit the slopes is Switzerland. Britain’s Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles are often seen at resorts in Klosters. Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark are sometimes spotted near Verbier in the Swiss Alps.

3. Monaco


Monaco is the smallest kingdom in the world as well as one of its richest. Charlene, Princess of Monaco and Prince Albert II rule the tiny state which is filled with luxury resorts, fancy casinos, and high-priced yachts. Everybody feels like a royal here.

4. Portugal


King Juan Carlos of Spain often vacations in neighboring Portugal, especially in Cascais, a popular fishing village. In fact, Cascais is almost like his second home and a sailing competition was named after him there, called the King Juan Carlos Cup. Of course, he visits each year during the event.

5. Nevis


Lady Diana, the former Princess of Wales, loved to visit Nevis in the Caribbean Sea. She took a vacation there with her sons at the Montpelier Plantation in 1993 after separating from Prince Charles.

6. Argentina


Princess Maxima, who is married to Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland, was actually born here in the capital city of Buenos Aires. The princess has dual citizenship for her homeland and Holland. You’ll often find the Dutch Royal Family enjoying a vacation at Villa la Angostura, which is an enchanting Patagonian village.

7. Jordan


One of the most popular spots in Jordan is Aqaba, which is a lovely coastal town located in the southern area of the country. It’s filled with shops and luxury resorts and its beaches are ideal for snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing. Aqaba is also famous as the hometown Jordan’s Queen Rania.

8. Syria


The Syrian capital city of Damascus is quite a popular spot for gulf-area Royals as they try to beat the summer heat in the Middle East. Damascus offers numerous secluded retreats that are surrounded by beautiful mountains. Many royals from places such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi can be found vacationing in this scenic city.

9. Ibiza


This popular, sunny Spanish island can be pretty popular with royals and many others who are into the party life. Prince William and his then girlfriend and now wife, Kate Middleton, spent some time there with some of her family members in 2006.

10. Seychelles


Prince William and his new bride, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge certainly get around. They spent part of their honeymoon in May on the Seychelles, which is a wonderful 115-island archipelago that lies in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The happy couple spent their time at a luxury retreat known as North Island.


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