The Swiss Alps could very well be the most beautiful mountain range on the planet. Many travellers head there in the winter for excellent skiing, but it’s also a wonderful spot to explore during the autumn. When the summer ends, the autumn brings with it tranquil, crystal clear air, and some amazing foliage.

The snow doesn’t usually visit most Swiss regions until the winter, so you can enjoy the cool and crisp weather as well as the abundant wildlife all the way through the fall. The scenes are unforgettable as the larches start to turning yellow while the hillsides are covered in scarlet-coloured bilberry shrubs with the fall’s first frost.

If you enjoy hiking you should try out the stretch of Alps in southeast Switzerland that begins in the St. Moritz resort. You can also check out the charming village of Samedan, which is a short trip through the valley from St. Moritz. There is also a network of hiking trails in the nearby mountains.

If you travel southwest from Samedan for a couple of hours you’ll come to the village of Malcantone, which lies in the hills and is filled with giant chestnut trees. The ancient trees dominate the countryside and are provide a perfect setting for a fall stroll through the hillside woods.


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