airline upgradeIf you are looking for a free upgrade on your next flight, try following some of these guidelines the next time you travel.

For those who travel often, a frequent flyer programme on the airline of their choice will earn points to benefit from upgrades and sometimes even free tickets.

There are also credit card companies who are in joint market ventures with airlines, these offer the opportunity to shop and earn points at the same time.

This is a good moment to benefit from these offers as airline companies are giving out points more generously due to hard times.

Precisely due to the economic recession airline companies are offering great deals on upgrading in order to fill up their first and business classes, which quite often now show empty seats on most airline companies.

A good method to benefit from free upgrades is to check in at the last minute, for airline companies frequently overbook their flights in order to assure they fill all their seats.

Sometimes all of the passengers show up leaving the airline staff with no alternative other than to upgrade the remaining late arrivals onto first class. However dress code is fundamental, as casual wear will be frowned on in first class.

As an alternative, if you find a job in the airlines all your travel expenses will be paid for, it is worth a thought.


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