travellingNew passport regulations have been issued concerning the entry into Mexican territory.

As from January 31, 2008 all U.S. citizens travelling to Mexico by air, water or land will need to carry a valid passport.

If travelling by car visitors must be able to prove their car ownership, either with the vehicle’s state registration certificate or in the case of business travelers, with papers attesting that they actually work for the company the vehicle is registered to.

When renting or leasing a vehicle, the driver’s name must be registered on the contract, in addition, U.S. car insurance is not valid on Mexican territory, and therefore a supplementary one must be issued on entry into Mexico.

All people involved in accidents will be taken into custody before determining the liabilities.

When driving through Mexico it is safer to take the toll roads, as other side roads can be hazardous due to the road conditions and the livestock that wander about, especially at night.

For security reasons avoid cheap hotels and dress casually without excessive jewellery, do not carry too much money around, only what is strictly necessary.

When eating and drinking, it is best to stick to bottled water, avoid ice cubes and check the general hygiene of the restaurants.

There are many secured beaches in Mexico; the others with no lifeguards should be avoided, as they can be dangerous due to strong ocean currents.

Vaccinations are also important; as are the usual medicines you may need such as insecticides, sunscreens or anti diarrhoeal remedies.


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