In case you are going to travel to an exotic destination, you will surely need to think about your finances. Traveling abroad is often risky, especially in countries, where your credit card isn’t going to work.

Hiding money while traveling is the right thing to do, especially in risky countries, where tourists have been the usual targets of the thieves on the streets.

Money belts are very proper and proven way that your money will be safe. At first, try to not leave your wallet in the hotel, if the hotel isn’t very famous and looks suspicious.

Instead of wearing a wallet, choose a money belt. Another way to hide your cash is the secret money pocket. If all this sounds a bit too odd for you, just plan well your vacation and research about the bank activities in the country you are going to visit.

Before booking a hotel, try to search some reviews about it and don’t book some suspicious places, just because they are cheap. The last-minute deals are also good idea, but you should research more about the credit cards protection.

Make sure your bank provides international damage insurance. Another good way is to use online or mobile banking, while you are away.


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