Want to re-live your favorite T.V. show and live a few days like your favorite characters? Shop and tour New York in the “Sex and the City” way. Take a tour to discover New York the way Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte did. The places where they shopped, gossiped and had fun. Re-live your favorite scenes at the locations where they were shot.

So get together your Best Friends Forever and indulge yourself as you see New York through the eyes of the “Sex and the City” foursome. Take a guided tour and check out all the locations of the TV series and the movie.

There is a lot to do and see if you decide to take this captivating tour. You can indulge yourself at the store where the cast did their shopping. Take a look at Aidan’s bar the Scout.

Remember Miranda and Carrie stuffing their mouths with cupcakes? You can do the same at the very bakery they did, after having tired yourself out shopping at all the stores that line up Bleaker Street, SoHo. The tour features 40 locations where the series was shot and as you reach the actual location you are shown the scenes that were filmed there.

Some of the other popular spots are the art gallery where Charlotte was employed, the best of shopping indulgence at all those designer boutiques in the Greenwich Village, right where the foursome had a very good time.

As you tour through the magnificent Manhattan there is a lot you can see. You can visit the restaurant where Samantha came across her senior millionaire, the jeweler where Charlotte’s engagement ring was bought, New York Public Library – the proposed wedding destination for Big and Carrie, the church where Samantha decided to woo the friar and much more.

If you are not much of a fan but would love to go shopping to all the right places, you can always choose to take a guided tour of the best shopping experiences on offer in New York. The tour will take you to the best of boutiques and shops where you can get the best of retail therapy.

Shop your way through the high end stores lined at the Barneys Madison Avenue which has the best of designer clothes to offer. Indulge with Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Habitual Jeans, Moschino and Juicy tees.

Treat yourself at the nine storied Bloomingdales where you will find everything from vintage to designer outfits and everything in between. You will be taken care of by the personalized customer service with their many translators and personal shoppers.

Choose from brands like Lacoste, Michael Kors, Cynthis Rowley, Citizens of Humanity and others.


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