Cape Town, South Africa is a dream destination for tourists around the world. It has several activities and sights on offer that will appeal to both the adventurous daredevils as well as the luxury inclined tourists.

Often, people visiting Cape Town can be spoilt for choice and be confused about what to do and where to go; the options available are many. So here is a quick look in to the must see places in Cape Town so make your vacation plans simpler.

1. Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Without a doubt, this tourist attraction is an absolute must see. This natural landmark of Cape Town is great for hiking. For the less adventurous one, there are cable cars to take you up the mountain.

But the stunning thing about this place is the 360 degree view it offers from the summit. The breathtaking sight after a relatively pain free hike is a delight for tourists.

 2. Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

This place was always an interesting attraction which gained even more prominence with the Hollywood movie “2012”. This beautiful Cape is a part of the Table Mountain National Park. With natural and unque geological formations, the Cape of Good Hope boasts for quiet and clean beaches, walking trails and wild life like antelopes and zebras.

 3. Robben Island

Robben Island

If you are fond of modern history or take a keen interest in bird watching, a visit to Robben Islands is a must for you. Now declared at a UN World Heritage site Robben Island was an apartheid prison in the past; former prisoners will gladly take you to the Mandella cell, a serious attraction for the historian in you. The island is home to various rare birds and can be spotted with a pair of binoculars.

 4. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

If you are on a honey moon a luxury cruise from V&A Waterfront could be one of the most romantic experiences ever. This place has to be included in your itinerary if you are travelling with kids. Let them play pirates on Swashbuckle, that is South Africa’s authentic pirate ship. The little pirates will have tons to narrate when they go back.

 5. Langa Township

Langa Township

No trip to Cape Town can be complete without getting the local feel of the place. This is precisely why a visit to the Langa Township is a must for tourists visiting the gorgeous Cape Town. This visit may offer you some food for thought. You will become acquainted with the history of the people of Cape Town, their poverty stricken condition, and their stories of success about getting out the clutches of poverty.

6.  District Six Museums

District Six Museums

Much like your Hunger Games stories, District Six was ruined during the apartheid era. The place can be visited as part of a half day tour, or as a place to sit with the locals and listen to their stories which are nothing short of historical gems. The museum has preserved the lost memories of a vibrant neighbourhood and is a reflection of its lively past.


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