A lot of people choose to have their vacation in August and many of them would like to get a taste of the Greek culture. Although traveling to Greece may seem as a good idea, there are some aspects that you should take into consideration.

Why Travel to Greece in August

What to Expect?

Don’t forget that it is hot in August in Greece so sensitive people shouldn’t really be traveling. Also take into consideration that there is a lot of life in August in the country. If you like high energy, this might be the perfect time for you to travel. The party scene is quite active because school and work usually starts in September.

Local Habits

You should use the early hours for sightseeing. The temperatures get quite high at noon and this is why the majority of Greek people take a nap. The country has a national holiday on 15th August, The Festival of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. You can expect a lot of businesses to be closed on this day.


On this day the majority of the people prefer to be with their families, and this is why you can expect transportation to be jammed. The schedules are usually limited and the ferries get booked. Some of the people fast in this period. Although this does not affect tourists, there might be some fasting dishes for you to try.

Patras Festival

This is a festival that all travelers should participate in. Besides this, there are some other smaller festivals as well to make sure that travelers have a good time. In case you like music, you should give the International Music Festival a thought as well.


As you might know, grape is an important fruit in Greece, so you should visit at least one grape harvest festival and feast your eyes (and not only) with everything that the peninsula has to offer.

Full Moon

If you happen to travel during a full moon, you should check out the Full Moon Festivities held annually. In case there are two full moons, the festivities take place during the second full moon.

Be Prepared

Before hitting the road you should come up with an itinerary of some sort to make sure that you won’t miss out on anything that you have planned. For this you might want to take a look at the full list of festivals and festivities that take place in August.


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