Pregnancy does not mean you have to be home bound and not enjoy travelling. It is always worth making a trip or two well before the new arrival happens. Since pregnancy is a condition that might need medical attention any time, most travel insurance providers have come out with a specialized package for the pregnant traveler. Here are 10 most important tips that will come handy when purchasing travel insurance for the pregnant traveler.Tips-Guide

1.  First things first, make sure that the tour organizer allows your travel both ways. If it happens that the transport provider or the airline has different terms and conditions with regard to a pregnant woman onboard, then the travel insurance cover may not cover the cancellation costs. So get the terms of your transport provider right, before you purchase travel insurance.

2. Travel insurance policies for pregnant women majorly cover any medical emergencies that can occur during the holiday. But it is always prudent to read the fine print as every insurance provider is unique with its own set of terms and conditions. It is important to know their slabs, limits and what conditions and expenses they are ready to cover. In short, do not make purchases based on assumptions.

3. If the pregnant traveler is accompanied by family then the rest of the family gets a family travel insurance tailored to suit their needs. Make sure that this family cover gives them adequate protection against bookings cancellation in the event of the pregnant woman’s hospitalization.

4. All claims may not cover your negligence in case of activities deemed risky to pregnant women. While purchasing travel insurance for the pregnant traveler make sure to know and adhere to the dos and don’ts of the policy provider so that all your claims are 100% reimbursed.

5. Most travel insurance providers do not allow cover for a full term pregnant woman. Insurance cover is available to a maximum of 7 months of pregnancy which is again variable based on the condition of the lady and the difficulty level of the journey. It is important to make a note of these before planning a trip or buying insurance.

6. Before issuing travel insurance to a pregnant woman all insurance providers ask for a fitness certificate from a certified medical practitioner. Some policies exempt the first few weeks of pregnancy from the cover as miscarriages are most probable during this period even in individuals who are considered medically fit.

7. Travel insurance policies for pregnant travelers do not cover-

  • Travel to places with very limited healthcare facilities
  • Travel to places situated in high altitudes or infested with mosquitoes
  • Participation in extreme sports and aggressive activities

8. Choose a policy that provides travel cover for the baby in the event of her being born during the holiday. These policies are free and a great value for money.

9. If you are expected to travel more than once then it is prudent to choose a policy that allows for multiple trips so that you get a better deal that lasts longer.

10. Online deals are cheaper than their direct counterparts, but one has to be sure of the company and its offer before going ahead with purchasing the product.


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