There are a lot of warm-weather destinations around the world for those who are seeking to thaw out during the winter months. Many North Americans head to popular destinations such as Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona, the Caribbean, and Mexico, while Europeans often head to Asia.

phuket thailand

However, more and more North Americans are now following the European lead and are also heading to some of Asia’s hot spots. Some of the best ones to visit are:


The white, sandy beaches in Thailand are superb especially in the resort locations such as Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, and Ko Samui. There are numerous beach resorts that offer interesting vacation packages and you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Hainan, China

This interesting and wonderful island is located in South China and is popular with Russian and Chinese travellers. The coastal city of Sanya is an especially charming resort town.

The beach resorts don’t get crowded and the prices are quite inexpensive. The beaches in Sanya are some of the best in China and the atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming.


There are a lot of beaches in the south and on the west coast of Malaysia that are sunny and hot all year round. You can explore beaches and jungle of Melaka, and Penang and enjoy the culture and history of the Baba Nonya people.

The country’s east coast beaches open up for tourists in late winter and early spring.


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