romantic getawayMany people find that California is a great place to enjoy a romantic weekend or vacation.

From the white sandy beaches of San Diego to the vineyards of Napa Valley there are romantic destinations for every taste.

Choosing the perfect romantic destinations really comes down to a matter of taste. Luckily, California has something for everyone.

You can enjoy an active and challenging romantic destination, or relax at a spa and rekindle your spark once again. Consider the following locations for your next romantic escape.

Romantic Bay Getaways in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its trolleys and views. Most romantic hotels in this location overlook scenic bridges, the bay, and excellent views of every sunset.

For a romantic getaway based on leisurely strolling and candlelight dinners overlooking the bay as the sun sets, this is the perfect location. San Francisco offers excellent shopping establishments that can be accessed with a short ride on the trolley.

Cultural Romance in the Heart of San Diego

San Diego offers a city steeped in rich Spanish culture and history. Enjoying the sun and warm temperatures along the white beaches can be a fun romantic day. You can also enjoy the local tourist attractions such as the San Diego zoo or Sea World.

For those in search of a busy or fun romantic vacation this location is perfect. However, with just a short trip you can enjoy old Mexico for a cultural delight.  Enjoy multiple destinations while in search of romance.

A Relaxing Romantic Destination, Northern California

Northern California offers the ability to relax and unwind within one of the many romantic cottages or villas. Consider locations such as Mendocino or Bodega Bay for your trip. These locations offer quaint villas atop beautiful cliffs.

From many balconies and decks you can look down the sheer cliff faces to the ocean crashing below. These locations offer the perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon candle light dinner followed by dancing under the stars.

Romance in Wine Country, Napa Valley

One of the most romantic destinations in California is Napa Valley. This location is the heart of wine country in the United States.

The area has numerous bed and breakfasts located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For daily activities you can enjoy touring a vineyard or visit one of the many spas located in the valley.

It is best to visit Napa Valley during May or June as there are fewer crowds. However, the fall foliage during September and October can be very appealing as well.

As you can see the choice of romantic destinations in California are limitless. California offers the perfect destinations for those honeymooning or simply looking to rekindle romance. You can find many resorts located along the coasts that offer all inclusive romantic packages.

These establishments can arrange all the romantic dinners, and excursions. This can make your romantic getaway much more fun and less stressful. With activities ranging from mountain climbing to frolicking in the sand you are sure to find exactly what your relationship needs.


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