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grand river

Grand Valley Trail Showcases Some Of Ontario’s Finest Scenery

Nature lovers or anyone looking for a scenic escape may want to explore the shores of the Grand River in the Canadian province of Ontario in its entirety, from Alton to Lake Erie. The Grand Valley Trails Association is a conversation and recreation organization that was formed in 1972. The association has built and now […]

food fight

Spain’s La Tomatina Festival Features World’s Largest Food Fight

If you like food fights, you’re going to love the La Tomatina Festival in Bunyol, Spain, as it is a giant tomato fight. The annual event will take place on Aug. 25th, and it’s free for all participants. Every year thousands of people flock to the small village of Bunyol, which is in the Comunidad […]

Aegean Island

5 Hidden Corners of Europe You Should Visit

1. Portugal Portugal’s beauty is well-known, but what really matters in this touristic paradise are those hidden corners, where you can experience a different side from Portugal. The right place for you is Serra de Estrela. It is located about 30 minutes west of the border with Spain and represents a real medieval group of […]

notting hill carnival

Celebrate Caribbean Culture At London’s Annual Notting Hill Carnival

London, England has definitely changed over the years as it’s now one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. And to celebrate the Caribbean influence on the city, you’re invited to the annual Notting Hill Carnival from Aug 29-Aug 30, 2010. The carnival sees about a million revellers hit the streets of London’s […]


Tuvalu – One Of The Smallest And Most Isolated Nations In The World

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to great travel destination. Take the nation of Tuvalu for example. It’s one of the tiniest on the planet as it’s approximately 15 square miles in area and is home to just 12,000 residents. It’s actually a nine-island group that sits in the South Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu was called […]

The Isle Of Wight: One Of Britain’s Overlooked Gems

The Isle Of Wight: One Of Britain’s Overlooked Gems

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Britain, but one of the most overlooked could very well be the Isle of Wight, which is the largest island in the nation with about 140,000 inhabitants. The Isle is well known for its annual rock music festival, which attracts some of the biggest names in […]

kandy esala perahera

Sri Lanka’s Kandy Esala Perahera Showcases Nightly Parades

When the Buddhist month of Esala arrives, the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka puts on an annual pageant where the men fulfil their vows to Skanda, a Hindu god as they walk with their backs covered in spikes and are joined by a colourful procession. This procession features fire-juggling acrobats, traditional dancers, wonderfully decorated elephants, […]


7 Cities Where You Can See The Best Street Art

7. Berlin – Progressive Meets Classic Berlin is the Mecca of the street art in Europe. In this city are working artists from all over the world and basically, most of them are doing it for free. East Berlin is the place, where you can find some masterpieces of graffiti, street art and other paintings. […]

pan america

The Top 10 Roads Worth To Be Walked At Least Once In A Lifetime

We are walking or riding on the roads of the world ever since we started to move as nomad tribes looking for auspicious hunting grounds and fields to grow food on. The civilizations that prowled through history were built around the main roads connecting cities and empires were built all over the world because they […]

Hidden Islands In Thailand Offer Peace And Quiet

Hidden Islands In Thailand Offer Peace And Quiet

More and more people are becoming aware of Thailand as a great vacation spot due to its weather, food, culture, history, shopping, scenery, beaches, and people. However, there are still some ideal secluded spots where you can enjoy your holidays in relative anonymity. If you’d like to relax on the beach or a tropical island, […]